Solo Smoking Fetish Video

Katherine is a another Latina who is dying to launch her modeling career. She has had a few gigs, but she hopes that making a smoking fetish video will get her noticed by people that can set her up with all kinds of glamorous jobs. If she can show the camera she can be sultry and alluring smoking this sexy cigarette, she might have a shot. Katherine is posing for the video in a skimpy bikini, and she smiles nervously while lighting her first cigarette. She is not a smoker in real life, but she is trying hard to inhale the smoke and puff it out in the most sexy way she can. She’s afraid to inhale too deeply and cough, but any smoking fetish fan would forgive her because she’s trying to make a good effort. Katherine tries to play it up as sexy as she can, removing her top and playing with her titties as she exhales clouds of smoke across her nipples. The camera takes a closeup of her face when she smokes and she’s got really full, plump lips and she’s wearing pretty pink lip gloss that looks very sexy when she draws the cigarette to her lips and draws a lung full of smoke. Katherines first smoking fetish video shows a lot of promise and hopefully with practice she will become a much more apt in the art of smoking erotica.

Busty Babe Smoking Closeup

This is a babe I never get tired of watching smoking. She has got a really cute face and a beaming smile that reveals her braces…so innocent and cute, but she’s got a sinful side as well. She cannot stop smoking cigarettes and she loves touching her giant 40DD tits in public. In this video, she is simply enjoy her cigarettes on a lovely sunny day, her radiant smile on display as she inhales cigarette after cigarette. She puffs away on those white tubes with her puffy plum lips and she exhales right into the camera. The camera spends the video staying nice and tight on her face, giving you and amazing smoke fetish enthusiasts view of a woman loving her cigarettes and exhaling where ever she wants.

Busty Girl Craving Cigarette

Take another glimpse of this really fun loving busty Colombian girl making a naughty sexy smoking fetish video as a surprise for her boyfriend. She is in her bedroom and laughing on the phone, talking about her new braces, which she is so happy to have. She cannot stop smiling at the camera and she has gorgeous plump puffy lips, and her braces make her look incredibly cute. She lights her first smoke and tries to take deep drags, but she’s not really a smoker in real life, so its a bit too much for her. She puffs away on her cigarette happily and shakes her gigantic titties for the camera. She has been literally spilling out of her top for the entire video, and finally she stops fighting it and just lets her magnificent tits pop out and hang free. And they are gorgeous breast that she is eager to play with for the camera. She lights more cigarettes and puffs the smoke across her round titties. She even pulls out her vibrator and starts teasing her tits and nipples. Her smoking fetish video is very teasing and full of lots of sexy drags and closeups of the cigarette on this cutie lips.

Smokes And Caresses Her Breasts

Marielis is a gorgeous, fetching babe from Colombia that loves to indulge in a smoke and she freely admits that sucking in the smoke from a cigarette really turns her on. She was filmed on her break at a club where she was really enjoying her cigarette, and she tossed her hair for the camera, really vamping it up and making a show of the smoking erotica. Her gorgeous feature look part Asian, and her gorgeous black hair makes her undeniable to men. She drags on her cigarette and reveals her perfect B cup breasts for the camera and her gorgeous dark chocolate nipples. She pinches and caresses her nipples while she puffs away at her cigarette, and it looks so sexy.

Smoking In Profile

This is a slightly different smoking fetish video concept. Katherin is shot mostly in closeup and it is primarily filmed in profile, so the viewer gets a great closeup of the cigarette smoking from the side. It is a novel concept for shooting a smoking fetish video and it works out very interestingly. Katherin brings the cigarette to her lips and drags deeply, sucking up a lungful of smoke before exhaling an enormous cloud. Her lips are painted a candy pink color, and they are full and plump and they look amazing when the press together around the filter of the cigarette. Her pink lipgloss makes stains on the filter, and in the closeups you get a really god view of her flicking her tongue over her lips and on the end of her smoke. She shows off her love of smoking fetish by doing the French inhale, drawing smoke from her mouth into her nose, a lovely and highly erotic smoking fetish technique.

Babe Gets Naked

Latina smoker Elaina has a great set of lips on her. When you see her press the filter of her cigarette, the smoking fetish fan inside you will definitely notice. Her lips caress the tip of the cigarette as she draws the smoke into her lungs and she purses her lips in a very very way when she exhales a cloud of dreamy smoke right at the camera. She also has a very sexy smile and this smoking latina babe also lets her delicious looking titties pop out of her top, so you can watch her kiss and lick her nipples between drags, and then exhale all over her naked breasts. She rubs her tits together while she inhales the smoke, and then she gently rubs her pussy as well while she exhales looking straight at the camera. It’s a great smoking fetish video featuring a topless Latina babe with gorgeous lips.

Marisela Smokes In Public

Marisela is the fantasy girl next door. She is very pretty and has gorgeous caramel skin. She wears her hair in care free curls and her ever-present smile is warm and infectious. She is the girl who is always having fun, and her vice is that she loves to smoke. Her parents tried to forbid her from smoking, so she has to come out to places like this playground to a cigarette. Marisel is very chatty with the camera in this smoking fetish video, and she takes her time smoking a couple of her long cigarettes. She takes deep drags, and she exhales through her mouth and through her nose. Sometimes she exhales the smoke directly at the camera and sometimes she turns her head so she gives a great shot of exhaling her sexy smoke in profile. Her manicured fingers play with her cigarette in a tantalizing, toying way. She is not clumsy, but treating the cigarette like an erotic object. Mariselas cigarette smoke in the park is a simple and compelling work of smoking erotica that her many fans will enjoy.

Sexy Cigarette Smoking Blowjob

Katerin has been making homemade porn tapes with the guys in her neighborhood for a while now, she loves the sex and she loves being on camera. One of her raunchier boyfriends wanted to make a smoking porn tape: he wanted her to puff away on cigarettes while she sucked his fat cock and he filmed it POV. Katerin is not a smoker, but she agreed anyway because she really wanted to make a sexy smoking fetish tape. Katerin is nineteen years old and from Colombia. She has amazing green eyes, and she has a really cute quirky smile because she is wearing braces. Katerin loves to smile and she cannot stop giggling when she lights her first cigarette. She has not smoked much before, so the head rush of her first few drags makes her dizzy. Her boyfriend is waiting for her with the camera and she eagerly gets down on her knees, teasing the head of his fat cock with her lips and then taking a deep drag from her menthol and blowing the smoke all over his wood. She keeps swallowing his cock and taking drags from her smoke until he finally blows his load all over her face and she smokes one last cigarette with cum running down her chin to end this smoking porn video.